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Electricity Pole

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We cant express how happy we are to get the electric pole which was positioned right in the middle of our garden and no matter which window you looked out of  it was there !!

We  would have moved it  when we were doing our first cave but we were quoted 8,000€ which was way over what we thought so needless to say we never moved it as we had so much work to be done internally before tackling the outside space.

When we decided on the best place for the swimming pool we had no choice but to get this horrendous pole removed but at what cost ???

We contacted  Endesa our Electric  supplier again for a quote to remove this and to put it in another location which would service both caves we were delighted when we got the new quote which was 6,000€ LESS than our 1st quote  so needless to say the pole would be shifted ASAP .

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Drill that burst the water mains

The men came on day 1 to drill the new hole for the new pole and this is when it all went wrong , they hit our main water pipes causing myself & my Mum to go into sheer panic mode !!

As we never knew how or where the mains was to turn it off . Mark my husband was at work at the time  thankfully the man drilling the hole found it and switched it off we now had a nice new  water well & a river in the garden that we hadn’t planned  for.

Our plumber arrived to fix the 2 main pipes and we had to find yet another new location for the pole again but glad to say it is now installed and in the perfect postion which if only we had decided to put it there in the first place we wouldn’t have had all this problems.

Glad to say the old one which was an eyesore has been removed now giving us an uninterrupted vista from the pool area of the beautiful Sierra de Cazorla  .

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Pouring Cement into hole

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